Master of Science Program in Remote Sensing Science and Technology

Degree Awarded

  • The Program awards a “Master of Science” degree.

Program Features

  • Remote sensing is a profound indication of technology development and advancement in a modern country. The Master of Science Program in Remote Sensing Science and Technology offered at the Center for Space and Remote Sensing Research of the National Central University is the first of its kind in Taiwan, specifically designed for remote sensing education and research.

  • The program consists of two groups: the Remote Sensing Group and the Geoinformatics Group.

  • Remote Sensing Group- The Remote Sensing Group focuses on the fundamentals of remote sensing science and application development, including active and passive remote sensing data acquisition, processing, and analysis.

    Geoinformatics Group- The Geoinformatics Group researches and applies the 3S technology (Remote Sensing, Geographic Information Systems, and Global Navigation Satellite Systems) on various fields, including photogrammetric imagery processing, land cover change detection, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) mapping, Internet-of-Things-based smart city, big geospatial data management, Web-based GIS techniques, navigation and mobile applications, etc.

  • Some courses are taught in English

Core Competence

Core Competence Description
Professional competence in remote sensing and geoinformatics Capable of professional competence in remote sensing and Geoinformatics.
Capability in logic and communication Able to express and communicate; discover and analyze engineering problems and moreover fix them through mathematical, scientifically, engineering knowledge and modern tools and methods.
Capability in organization and leadership Ability of organization, leadership, management and
International perspective Capable of global vision.
Societal and environmental concerns Able to pay attention to technology and current trend of environmental issues; understand the societal and global effects; concern of professional ethics and social responsibility.

Degree Requirement

  • Credits

    Full-time study: 24 credits & Seminar

  • Duration of Study

    Students must complete their program of study within one to four years.

Contact Us

Contact:Miss Liao, Fan-Yi



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